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Thanks for checking out our Flot for WordPress plugin! We love making data interesting and use Flot for WordPress on our own projects all the time.

We want to acknowledge all the hard work done by the folks over at – they’ve built a powerful library that has made it eas(ier) to get great looking data.


Want a custom implementation of Flot for WordPress on your site? Let us know! We can set you up and brand your charts for you.

If you’re looking for a lot of detailed information on implementing Flot on your site, we have an upcoming article that will be available in the next week or two with a complete walk through. We will post that here once it’s up.

Easy Nivo Slider Review

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New Client: MAXTRAQ

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MAXTRAQ, Inc. - Criminal Records, Court Records, People Search

CCE welcomes our newest client MAXTRAQ to our growing list! MAXTRAQ specializes in research on criminal records, court records, and people check information for all kinds of scenarios. Their site visitors are people looking to quickly check to see if someone they may be working with has felonies, is a sex offender, has a criminal record, or just court records in their name.

A typical customer might be:

  • Employers screening new employees
  • Roommates checking up on applicants
  • Rentors reviewing applicants
  • Significant other checking on history before first date

Responsive Design

One of the things we love about the MAXTRAQ site is the responsive web design techniques used. These provide excellent SEO best practices and allow for users of all types of devices to view the content as we expect them to.

We look forward to working with the MAXTRAQ team, long-term partnership, and continued success.

Selected Customer List

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Below is a selected customer list which includes some of our most recent clients. We have scores more we could list, but this should help find content we have published on the web.

To see a list of search engine indexed articles, check out this Google Search.


How to Profit from the Art Print Market by Barney Davey – Blogcritics

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BlogCritics picked up our book review of Dave Barney’s art marketing book. It’s an excellent read and provides great insights on how to sell printed art. You can read more:

This was an especially challenging piece for us because BlogCritics uses a custom Content Management System (CMS). We are used to WordPress and Joomla, so working with a new interface was…different. But that’s part of the fun – learning new ways of doing things!

Tara Hornor has a degree

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So what’s with this “Tara Hornor has a degree” thing? We made the decision many moons ago to include this little phrase in ALL of our guest blogs and featured articles that allow the use of an “About the Author” section.

This lets us run a search via Google or other search engines to track which articles have been published and where. In some cases, we can even track who may be scalping our content (scalpers beware)!

If anybody wants to track which articles we’ve written, simply run a Google search with the phrase “Tara Hornor has a degree” (quotes included) and you’ll be able to see the list!

Keep in mind that this does NOT include every article we’ve been able to get published on 3rd party websites. Some website owners don’t allow us to put an author bio section within our article content. In other cases we author website content on which it would be inappropriate to put an author bio, such as a client’s home page.

So that’s your back story! By using this unique phrase, we get built in tracking of our articles.

1000s of articles you’ve missed

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We have officially decided to start documenting the articles we have published on 3rd party websites as either guest bloggers or featured article writers! While you can track the work we have done through a quick Google search, we think this will serve a couple of purposes:

  • It creates links to our work on other websites, which improve their search engine rank
  • This allows us to keep a running log of published work
  • We can add extra content to our blog articles on this site that we may not have been able to publish elswhere

If you are interested in using Google, us the following search:

“Tara Hornor has a degree”