New Client: MAXTRAQ

MAXTRAQ, Inc. - Criminal Records, Court Records, People Search

CCE welcomes our newest client MAXTRAQ to our growing list! MAXTRAQ specializes in research on criminal records, court records, and people check information for all kinds of scenarios. Their site visitors are people looking to quickly check to see if someone they may be working with has felonies, is a sex offender, has a criminal record, or just court records in their name.

A typical customer might be:

  • Employers screening new employees
  • Roommates checking up on applicants
  • Rentors reviewing applicants
  • Significant other checking on history before first date

Responsive Design

One of the things we love about the MAXTRAQ site is the responsive web design techniques used. These provide excellent SEO best practices and allow for users of all types of devices to view the content as we expect them to.

We look forward to working with the MAXTRAQ team, long-term partnership, and continued success.