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Tara Hornor has a degree

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So what’s with this “Tara Hornor has a degree” thing? We made the decision many moons ago to include this little phrase in ALL of our guest blogs and featured articles that allow the use of an “About the Author” section.

This lets us run a search via Google or other search engines to track which articles have been published and where. In some cases, we can even track who may be scalping our content (scalpers beware)!

If anybody wants to track which articles we’ve written, simply run a Google search with the phrase “Tara Hornor has a degree” (quotes included) and you’ll be able to see the list!

Keep in mind that this does NOT include every article we’ve been able to get published on 3rd party websites. Some website owners don’t allow us to put an author bio section within our article content. In other cases we author website content on which it would be inappropriate to put an author bio, such as a client’s home page.

So that’s your back story! By using this unique phrase, we get built in tracking of our articles.